At Buckroe, it is our responsibility to ensure that each Buckroe Sam will be as beloved and pampered in its new home as it was in ours.

Choosing A Buckroe Samoyed

We interview prospective new owners as well as require a short questionnaire be completed.  This allows us to gauge the homes our babies will be going to and also allows us to help choose a puppy that has a personality that will fit your lifestyle.  All prospective owners are welcome, and encouraged, to visit our home so they may interact with all of our dogs and observe the conditions under which our dogs are raised. At the same time, we observe how the puppies react to the prospective new owners. We encourage parents bring their children to ensure there is a good match between the puppy and its adoptive family.

We do not release our puppies until they have reached a level of confidence that will make them loving, playful companions for their new owners and enable them to adapt well to a new home, which is usually not before 9 to 12 weeks of age. New owners are encouraged to make regular visits to play with their puppies until they are old enough to go home with them.

Below, a puppy interacts with one of our adult males.  [more]


Buckroe will never knowingly breed any dogs with lineage that has a history of health defects. Our puppies receive a wellness checkup from our veterinarian prior to going to their new homes. A health certificate signed by our veterinarian accompanies our sales contract.

The puppies we send home with new owners will have their first vaccinations, have their dewclaws removed,  and have had "wellness" checkups by our highly qualified veterinarian.  They will also have their microchip.


Our Contract

Buckroe's contract with new owners lists the food  we recommend to insure a healthy and comfortable transition to a new home. I  will also include a basic grooming guideline to help you care for your new puppy.  Our contract, which is accompanied by a health certificate from our veterinarian, lists the vaccinations that your Buckroe Samoyed has received.

Buckroe reserves the right to select only those people to be owners that we believe will cherish their Samoyed and make the dog's welfare paramount. [more]

Keeping In Touch

We encourage all new owners to call us anytime with questions about their new family member. We always enjoy e-mails and pictures from new owners.   [more] [home]