Proud member of the Samoyed Club of America since 1981  




Buckroe Samoyeds really began 1972 when husband Dick saw a Samoyed in the backyard of a friend's neighbor.  He decided that the beautiful, smiling white dog would be the breed of choice for the LaFortune family.  Our first Sam was purchased at a pet store and given the name of "Just Sam" -- Sammy for short.  Unfortunately she lived only 11 months but in that short time she began a love of the Samoyed breed  that is still going strong.  Our second Sam, also a female,  was again purchased at a pet store and named "Just Sam 2"(we were really creative).   Seven years later we felt we had room for another Sam.  We contacted  Bobbi Benaman of Barasof Samoyeds and in 1981 we purchased our first show dog, Ch. Barasof's Sno-Barron (Bear's pedigree was mainly the old Misty Way Kennels of Peggy McCarthy) and we were bit by the "Bug" (showing, breeding, sledding etc).

After a 10 year time out to raise a 2 legged family, Lynette Blue of Polar Mist Samoyeds was contacted and Ch. Polar Mist Dream Catcher joined our pack.  The bug bit again and the rest is history.  

Breeding Standards

Here at Buckroe, we strive to breed genetically clear, well-balanced, free-moving "typey" dog with a sound temperament. We believe that a safe, clean environment, coupled with lots of play time, capitalizes on good genetics to bring out the best qualities of our dogs.

Buckroe is proud to follow the highest breeding standards and requirements. Breeding is planned after careful attention to pedigrees in an effort to emphasize good health, personality, and appearance. [more]

Our Socialization Process

Continuous socialization is vital throughout each pup's development. At appropriate ages, Buckroe Samoyeds receive daily interaction from a variety of loving humans, and the other canine family members. Care is taken to insure the puppies have positive experiences. Left, Sammys of all ages love one on one time with the grandbabies.

Socialization is especially important for new owners who have children and other animals in their households. Right, a puppy explores a slide covered with traction.  Games like this, along with numerous toys and chews help build confidence and security in the curious puppies.   [more]

Upcoming Litters

We do not do regularly scheduled breedings. As a result, each litter of puppies is special to us. They become members of our family, and we are very concerned about where they are placed. It is important to us that each puppy be just as beloved and spoiled by their new family. You can keep up to date with news about upcoming litters, see pictures of our puppies, and even see our show results on the News page. [more] [home]