Protecting and preserving the Samoyed breed is one of Buckroe's most important responsibilities. Should you select one of our puppies to add to your family, we will provide you with a written contract that guarantees the health of the puppy at the time you bring him or her home. Our contract is set up with the sole intention of  safeguarding your Samoyed's health and happiness.

As a member of your family, your Samoyed deserves to be kept safe. This breed is not one which can be happy living separated from their humans. They need human love, interaction, guidance & patience. With this in mind, our puppies have been raised in a very social environment.  Because of this, we encourage all owners to keep their puppy as an indoor dog- allowing them to interact with the family- and will assist you however we can in crate training your puppy.  A crate provides a safe "den" for your puppy to retreat and will help in avoiding some of the mischief puppies can get into while left on their own.  We also strongly recommend fenced yards for our new puppy homes.

We  recommend regular grooming and nail cutting for each of the puppies.   Should you have any questions or concerns in grooming- we would be more than willing to show you the tools and methods we use to maintain our dogs.

Our contract will also include recommendations for  food. Make sure that any changes  food are introduced gradually. For good health, a supply of fresh water must be available at all times.

If for any reason you are unable to continue to care for your Samoyed, we require that you return the dog to us. [back]